President Message


Changing Leader’s Behavior: The Key to Success


Why do people work so hard without an action plan and clear business strategy?

Why do people give up on their efforts so easily without challenging themselves?

Why do people delegate to their subordinates without following up in a timely manner?

What problem solving methods do you think these phenomenons indicate?

Have you ever considered requiring a paradigm shift in your leaders’ thinking and behavior?

Do you possess leaders who have a strong commitment and take ownership of business tasks effectively—not only for actual performance, but also to ensure a sound organization?



NOWHERE JAPAN help and support leaders developing their capabilities—to achieve and maximize their potential.

We encourage their creative ideas and constructive opinions, in accordance with management’s philosophy and policies.

Our proactive learning process stimulates leaders’ thinking—and guides them towards a clear vision and dynamic mindset.

Dialogue is the most effective approach for human resources growth and development.

We believe changing leaders’ behavior helps revitalize business organizations and accelerates innovation.


Kousuke Nakamura